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Offering Qigong healing sessions and classes in Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to
Mindful Essence

Chantal Papillon, MQP
Medical Qigong Practitioner

Like many people, I used to experience physical pain, multiple digestive problems, extreme fatigue, insomnia, migraine, anxiety and even depression.  I have struggled and lived on painkillers and anti-depression pills for years.   Life had no sense. I was stuck within my condition and was suffering a lot.


To help me find meaning in my life, feel better, and resolve my physical problems, I tried different things with few or no results.  Some practices were helpful at times to reduce the pain and helped recharge my internal batteries to keep going, but the results never lasted long. 


But now I live a life free of medicine.  I live a life without or with little physical pain.  I live a life where I experience every day a global sense of well-being and balanced mental health. And when life throws difficult things at me (yes, it still happens!!) I now have the ability to respond to it and stay grounded in the face of the challenges.

Through my journey with Qigong, I came to understand the underlying transformational process that allowed me to come back to life and heal.  When I put all the pieces together I created Mindful Essence and the SLOW UP approach emerged.  And, this is what I invite you to do: SLOW UP!

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Mindful Essence leads people on the path of transformation and helps them to gain life-sustaining change.

Learn about our original approach SLOW UP.  



Qigong Healing Sessions

Heal your Mind, Body & Soul activating your innate healing power. 


Qigong  classes

Release stress, increase your energy and improve your health through this ancestral practice.



Self-Care Journey

Reconnect to your life and

Unleash your Potential!

Chantal Papillon

" To be alive, to feel alive, you have to live. Simply.  And every moment is a good time to start living fully.  The time is now! "

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«When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.»

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

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