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Nature Based Practices

Our lives are compartmentalized, fragmented and dislocated.  Our relationship to nature as a species has changed dramatically in recent decades. And nature itself is not what it used to be. To fully re-integrate our lives and heal, it is vital to re-discover our ecological nature and how we are connected to the Earth. 


Our relationship with ourselves and with others is shaped by our vision of the world, our way of relating to the Earth. If we could tap into the innate wisdom of our natural environment and be inspired by it, we will recognize ourselves as active participants in this world and will act more harmoniously with it.


As our ecological nature emerges, our approach to life experience is transformed.  We are able to re-envision ourselves as living beings who are part of the great web of life.  It allows us to be present and aware of our personal experiences and interpret them in a new way.  And, in turn, this interpretation provides a new perception and changes the way we relate to the world.


Nature is a wonderful teacher.  Our Nature-Based programs are an invitation to engage in a dialogue with the world around us to gain a deeper connection to it, explore our eco-consciousness and grow our ecological nature to help us to live a more sustainable life.


«When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.»

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

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