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FREE Intro to Qigong video series
Unleash your Potential
with Qigong

Qigong offers powerful practices for cultivating an overall sense of well-being, feeling energized, more alive, and greater than the average human being. This ancestral practice helps to bring back and maintain balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

In this free 3-part video series, you’ll learn precious practical tools to help you cope with any form of upset, calm your mind and lower your stress.

Chantal Papillon, MQP & Vitality Coach
Founder of Mindful Essence


I came to Qigong following decades of physical, emotional, and mental suffering. I fell in love with Qigong during my very first session. Just an hour of simple, peaceful movements synchronized with my breath, using intention and imagination, and I could feel that a shift was happening in my body…and my mind. I was astonished and decided immediately to learn more about this magical practice.


Qigong taught me how to use my body, my mind and my soul to unlock my innate ability to heal and unleash my highest potential.  


I accompany people like you through Qigong movements and treatments and Vitality Coaching to improve and maintain their wellness.  Nothing gives me more joy than seeing you reap the benefits of this powerful modality and Unleash your Potential.

Chantal Papillon MQP, Vitality Coach Founder of Mindful Essence

In this FREE Intro to Qigong video series
you will learn

Why taking a deep breath is not enough

✓ Why most people are breathing wrong



✓ What is Natural Breathing and

how it works

✓ How to quickly find your center, calm your mind and lower your stress using Natural Breathing

How to stand like
a Pine Tree 

✓ The impacts of an improper posture on your mood, your energy level and your concentration

✓ What is Wuji and why it is the fundamental training in Qigong

✓ How to release energy obstructions, increase and regulate the flow of your internal energy - your Qi

How to tame your
monkey mind

✓ What is the monkey mind and how it ruins your life

✓ What's the secret to calm your mind and find inner peace

✓ How to do a simple practice to be more focused, grounded and resilient

Unleash your Potential with Qigong

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Chantal Papillon


Mindful Essence ⎮Unleashyour Potential with Qigong
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