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Heal Yourself with Qi Point Therapy

Enrollment for Healing Yourself with Qi Point Therapy has ended.  

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With Founder of Mindful Essence

Chantal Papillon

New 7-Week In-Person Training Starts

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Treat common ailments & Stay Healthy using
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qi Point Therapy, also called Channel Point Therapy or Acupressure, originated in China along with acupuncture and Qigong about 5 000 years ago.  Eastern medicine, was developed believing and trusting the human capacity to know what’s wrong in the body and what needs to be done to activate one’s own healing power.


During this course, with Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) Chantal Papillon, you will learn a powerful non-intrusive approach you can apply for yourself or your loved ones.  You can use the technics for health maintenance, disease prevention and treatment of disorders.  Chantal blends her understanding of Chinese Medicine wisdom with modern conditions and practical applications to support your discovery of your ability to heal yourself and your family.


The Heal Yourself with Qi Point Therapy program offers a simple, easy-to- learn and, natural tool to support your physical and emotional health by helping you increase your energy level, deal with pain, balance your immune function, and calm your mind.


See page for author, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

With Chantal, you’ll activate your natural ability to heal through gentle Qi Point Therapy technics & routines.  You will experience similar effects and gain the same benefits as acupuncture treatment, pressing - rather than puncturing - the same powerful points on your body.  


Ultimately, you’ll gain a self-empowering tool for caring with confidence for yourself and your loved ones by learning how to apply the Heal Yourself with Qi Point Therapy program to fit your health needs.

Are you ready to reconnect with your well-being and re-envision what’s possible for your life?


Join Chantal to discover a soft and helpful holistic healing program that meets you where you are on your journey.

During this Active Self-Care course, you will learn:

What is Qi Point Therapy and how it helps balance your body and mind.

The benefits of using Qi Point Therapy for your health.

The basics of the Five Element Theory from Chinese Medicine.

How to exactly find Qi points and treat them on yourself .

Hand technics to effectively work with Qi Points.

When to use this precious tool to support your health (and when not to).

About 25 specific Qi points you can turn to whenever you need to get quick relief from aches & pain and common conditions such as digestive and ENT disorders and emotional distress.

A Daily Self-Care routine to activate your inner body's ability to heal and repair and stay healthy.

This program is for you if ...
  • You feel like you’re out of balance and it’s time to feel better and embody a greater sense of wellbeing.

  • You want to take back responsibility (ability to respond) for your personal health and that of your loved ones.

  • You are ready to place well-being at the center of your life and use preventative tools to support global health.

  • You are looking for new ways to give yourself loving support and relief.

  • You are looking for a natural, at-your-fingertips, cost-free tool to take care of your physical & emotional health and that of your loved ones.

  • You would love to understand Chinese Medicine more deeply and learn healing tools like Qi Point Therapy.

  • You look for a compassionate and safe learning environment within a small group (max. 14 participants) of like-minded learners.

We will notify you when enrollment reopens

What You'll Get in These 7 weeks

In this 7-week dynamic intensive, Chantal will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to safely and effectively use this self-empowering tool. You’ll connect with Chantal and experience her teachings through warm in-person training at her studio in Murray, Utah.

COVER - Qi Points.png

Weekly 75 min-Sessions - Tuesdays at 6:30pm


This course will feature teachings, experiential practices, and Q&A with Chantal. After a rigorous introduction on the basic principles of Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory and Channel Point Therapy, each session will focus on one specific Element (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth) and the corresponding organ meridians so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the principles and tools you’ll need to unlock the secrets of this powerful approach.

  • You will receive a beautiful handbook with authentic pictures, coloured illustrations plus summary tables and index for a quick and easy identification.

  • You will get the opportunity to join an online community, the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you’ll have the ability to share your experiences and interact with your fellow students to support and inspire each other as you integrate the teachings and practices.

  • BONUS:

    • Free full access to the Mindful Essence video collection of Seasonal Qigong with a routine for each season.

    • One Homegrown Herb Infused Oil sample bottle.

    • The opportunity to book a 1:1 session with Chantal at an affordable price to go deeper in your healing process.

We will notify you when enrollment reopens

About Chantal Papillon

Chantal is certified as a Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) with Elements of Life Institute in Idaho and as a Natural Mindfulness Guide with Nature Connection World in the UK.  She is also a committed meditator in the Vipassana tradition which she practices daily.


Chantal teaches Qigong classes at different locations in her community and also offers Qigong Healing Session at her studio in Murray, Utah. 


To learn more about Chantal, continue reading here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many participants can enroll for this course?

A: For the program to be launched we need at least 4 participants registered one week before the first class.  The maximum number of participants is 14 to allow a smooth, safe and manageable learning environment. 


Q: What happen if I miss one class?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, there is no other way to get the teaching than assist to the in-person class.  We plan for the future to have on demand video to support this program.

Q: Can you tell me about the private online community group?

A: Join the online community is optional.  You will receive all the information about the private online community and how to join after you register. This will be a private group that only the participants of this specific cohort can attend.  It is a safe place where you will be able to make connections with others, share insights, and engage in discussions.   

Q: Are there reduced fees available for this training?
A: Yes, no one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay. Whenever we are able to award scholarships, our partial scholarship award can cover up to as much as a generous 50% of the full rate. Our scholarship award determinations are made based on several factors, including the approximate number of students enrolling at the full rate. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please email us at and submit your request.  All applicants will be notified of their award status by email, typically within one week of application. 

Q: What’s your refund policy?

A:  The deadline to receive a full refund is January 9, 2023. To request a refund, please email us at and submit your request. Qualifying refunds will be processed within five business days and an email confirming the refund will be sent. (No refund requests accepted after the above date or with scholarship awards.)

By participating in this course, you affirm that you understand that any information and content such as text, graphics, and images found within this course is for general educational and informational purposes only. You understand that such information is not intended nor otherwise implied to be medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. There is no guarantee of the accuracy nor completeness of the information and content in this course, and as a result, such information does not encompass all conditions, disorders, health-related issues, or respective treatments. You understand that you should always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare providers to determine the appropriateness of this information for your own situation or if you have any questions regarding a medical condition, disorder, treatment plan, or other health-related issues.

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