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Unleashing my Potential

Every human being can relate to the search for identity, the quest to understand who we are, where we come from, and the purpose of our existence.  This profound exploration has defined most of my adult life. Yet, despite my deep yearning for answers, the journey was tumultuous. I experienced stress, anxiety, and even depression. Most of the time, I felt exhausted and overwhelmed. Life seemed devoid of meaning. All I wanted was to halt my progress, curl up into a ball, and remain in stasis indefinitely.


However, life's fundamental nature is grounded in resilience. So, I persisted. I convinced myself to be present and receptive to whatever life offered.

And it worked. Gradually, my Potential began to emerge. Before I could fully comprehend it, I embarked on a path of transformation and healing. This journey empowered me, facilitating a profound shift in consciousness and a reconnection to my Essence.

My journey commenced with the discovery of mindfulness—a simple yet powerful practice. As I incorporated it into my daily life, I became attuned to everything happening around and within me. With each practice, my awareness expanded, allowing me to be more fully present in the here and now. I experienced less suffering and began to savor the joy of living. One mindfulness practice at a time, I developed, and still do, the ability to Embody my entire human experience and draw nearer to my true Essence.


Mindfulness naturally led me back to my physical self, rekindling my connection to my body. I learned to listen to my body's needs and signals, fostering trust in its wisdom. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became essential, providing the energy required to confront life's uncertainties. I recognize now the body's innate capacity to heal and adapt to challenges. The practice of Qigong harmonized with my life philosophy, allowing me to Embody my True Self.

The fusion of Qigong and mindfulness deepened my connection with the natural world. Reconnecting with my interiority, physicality, and reality as a living being reminded me of my roots and my place in the intricate web of life. I gradually rediscovered the gestures, scents, sounds, textures, and tastes of nature. Observing and integrating the natural world into my daily life prompt me to SLOW UP and nourishes my practices.  However, reconnecting with our breath, body, and the natural world entails acknowledging the critical state of our planet. Anger, dismay, grief, fear, and despair welled up within me, echoing my personal struggles.  I felt the pain of the world's suffering in the face of our planet’s destruction. Both this pain and my profound love for our Mother Earth now inform my practices.  I incorporate the Elements into my contemplation and understanding of the world, seeking wisdom from them.

The past few years have provided a remarkable opportunity for discoveries and profound transformations—fostering connections with myself, others, and nature. I finally feel that I belong here. Life itself has been my teacher, imparting lessons through its suffering, beauty, joys, and sorrows. I am immensely grateful for these experiences. As Robin Wall Kimmerer wisely stated, "If our first response is gratitude, then our second is reciprocity: to give a gift in return." Hence, I humbly stand at the center of my life, sharing the fruits of my experiences and the richness of my personal transformation.

This is an invitation—a call to Embody Your True Self, Embrace Your Essence, and Unleash Your Potential.

Credential & Interests
  • Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner with Elements of Life Institute

  • Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide with Nature Connection World

  • Nature Connection Practitioner with Wild Rhythms

  • Interests: Qigong, Walking, Hiking, Photography, Nature Journaling, Reading, Herbalism, Gardening

  • Certified Foundations of Woman-Centered Coaching with The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership



" Thank you for all your love Chantal 🌈 your practice, your skills, are mighty and deeply appreciated 😊." 



"You consistently bring a calm, centered presence to your work and provide thoughtful, meaningful topics and prompts."


"The verbal guidance of Chantal's sessions calms and refreshes me. Her classes are inspirational and grounding."

“Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.”

∼ Mary Oliver ∼

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