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Qigong Meditations

The following meditations are part of a regular Qigong practice.



Standing in the Wuji posture is an important part of Qigong training.  The main goal of the utilization of this posture is to relax and seek a deep quiescent meditative state while consistently maintaining the static posture.  

Traditionally, 18 rules are listed for proper energy cultivation using Wuji posture.

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One to Ten Meditation

According to ancient Daoist teachings, the One to Ten Meditation is traditionally used for rooting and energetically connecting one's physical body, energetic body and spirit to the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

It allows to relax, sink, and root the mind.

I learned this version during my Qigong training.  It comes from the lineage of Dr. Jerry Allan Johnson. 


Five Elements Meditation

Even if we don’t realize it, even if we are not aware of it, we are deeply connected to Nature and all the Elements. We arise from Nature. We are Nature.

The following meditation invites us to reconnect to the universal flow of Nature. To recognize our Essence through each of the Five Elements used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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