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Are you ready for a
lasting change
in your life?

See what Qigong can do for you

Boost energy

Reduce anxiety

Improve digestive system function

Strengthen vital organs

Enhance a general sense of wellbeing

Lower stress level 

Increase vitality

Reverse insomnia

Strengthen immune system

Decrease menopause symptoms

Promote greater mental focus

Reduce physical pain

Build stamina

Lower blood pressure

Reduce inflammation

Improve mood

Stabilize diabetes 

Address migraines & headaches

Welcome to
Mindful Essence

Chantal Papillon, MQP
Medical Qigong Practitioner

Like many people, I used to experience physical pain, multiple digestive problems, extreme fatigue, insomnia, migraine, anxiety and even depression.  I have struggled and lived on painkillers and anti-depression pills for years.   Life had no sense. I was stuck within my condition and was suffering a lot.


To help me find meaning in my life, feel better, and resolve my physical problems, I tried different things with few or no results.  Some practices were helpful at times to reduce the pain and helped recharge my internal batteries to keep going, but the results never lasted long. 


But now I live a life free of medicine.  I live a life without or with little physical pain.  I live a life where I experience every day a global sense of well-being and balanced mental health. And when life throws difficult things at me (yes, it still happens!!) I now have the ability to respond to it and stay grounded in the face of the challenges.

Through my journey with Qigong, I came to understand the underlying transformational process that allowed me to come back to life and heal.  When I put all the pieces together I created Mindful Essence and the SLOW UP approach emerged.  And, this is what I invite you to do: SLOW UP!

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You would like to share your story and see if Qigong can help you?  Connect with me!

Thank you! I will get back to you shortly.

Mindful Essence is part of a flourishing movement offering the people of Salt Lake City, Utah a holistic approach to reconnecting to their life and finding healing.

Centrally located in Salt Lake Valley, ME inspires and supports individuals to overcome suffering and helps them to realize their highest potential by awakening their innate healing abilities.  ME offers preventative and restorative practices and modalities to foster the use of these inborn powers in each individual.  


Our unique approach

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Calming our body, calming our mind.  This is the door to truly hear what is whispered inside us, increase the awareness of our inner world and bring a caring presence to what is happening to us here and now.  As we tune into our breath and our primary senses, we start to fully embody our life and become more intimate with ourselves. 

Nature knows that to renew life, death needs first to happen. Releasing what is not useful anymore allows us to move forward. Holding ourselves with compassion, we question all perceptions, beliefs, fears, and attachments that we experience. It does not mean that we put everything into the trash.  Instead, we honour truly who we are, where we come from and allow life to compost into something new.

The slow process of composting gives birth to a rich soil full of nutrients, full of life.  At this stage, our consciousness is shifting. We stop fighting against life and become her ally, appreciating the infinite possibilities that are offered to us.  We slowly learn new ways of being alive and renew our connection with our inner power.

Our inner personal transformation allows us to acknowledge our interconnection with others and the world around us.  We deeply remember our belonging to the great web of life and take the full measure of our place in the universe.  As we start to renew with the diversity, the beauty and the wisdom of the natural world, we align our life with Nature.

Fully awake, we stand at the center of our life and let our aliveness emerge.  We surrender to something bigger than ourselves and we actively go forward.  We Embrace our Essence.

  • Lower your Stress & Calm your Mind

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«Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.»

~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

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