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Qi Point Therapy or acupressure is a powerful non-intrusive approach you can use for health maintenance, disease prevention and treatment of disorders.  This modality, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a natural tool that will support your physical and emotional health.  Qi Point Therapy can increase your energy level, help you deal with pain, balance your immune function, and calm your mind.


​The Heal Yourself with Qi Point Therapy book is designed to foster your understanding and guide you through the steps required to integrate the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to apply Qi Point Therapy to fit your health needs. 


This book includes:

Introduction to the Five Element Theory

Introduction to Qi Point Therapy

How to exactly find Qi points and treat them on yourself .

Hand technics to effectively work with Qi Points.

When to use this precious tool to support your health (and when not to).

About 25 specific Qi points you can turn to whenever you need to get quick relief from aches & pain and common conditions such as digestive and ENT disorders and emotional distress.

A Daily Self-Care routine to activate your inner body's ability to heal and repair and stay healthy.


** This book was first created for the Healing Yourself with Qi Point Therapy workshop but is a very useful standalone reference tool.

Heal Yourself with Qi Point Therapy Handbook

$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

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