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Where our Heart goes, Qi flows.

Hello Qi Friends,

In Chinese Medical theory the Heart is considered the most important organ. It is known as the Emperor that governs the laws of the entire body. This is not only because the Heart keeps us alive but also because it transfers emotional experiences to our body and is responsible for our mental clarity and emotional balance which are fundamental to our well-being.

Summer is the perfect season to tune in to the state of our Hearts. All of our life arises from the energy of intention, our Heart’s will. When the flow of the Heart’s energy is blocked, we feel closed and less vibrant. If we can stand at the center of our life with wonder and curiosity, we can experience the unfettered Heart. And if we are committed to living wholeheartedly, we can experience joy, love, and tranquility.

To unveil the qualities and virtues of our Hearts, we need to allow ourselves to be touched by others, the world, and by life itself. The expansive energy of the Fire Element carried by our Hearts gives us the courage to engage in our life from a place of vulnerability. A life infused with intimacy and receptivity. When we make ourselves available for what it is offered, when we open our Hearts to the pleasant as well as to the unpleasant, our sensibility – our ability to sense – can unfold. And when we honor life as it is and we unlock the tenderness of our Hearts, our innate intuitive intelligence will naturally attune us to the frequency of love.

It is not easy to do, and it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. It doesn’t mean we won’t suffer anymore, because we will. Life will still be sometimes stormy with extreme winds. But, the more we cultivate and nurture love, the more it grows and fills our Hearts with gratitude, and compassion. And if we can rest for a moment in that space of abundance, we can feel contentment and true happiness no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We become able to lovingly hold our suffering, and the suffering of the whole world, in our compassionate Hearts.

We are all gardeners of our own life. The long days of summer offer many opportunities to cultivate the Essence of Fire in our life. It is up to us to light our inner fire and keep it burning. We are and we become what we give our Hearts over to. Where our Heart goes, Qi flows.


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