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Are you willing to let go?

Greetings Qi Friends,

I am writing to you from my peaceful backyard oasis where I am in awe of the abundance of fruits the peach tree is bearing. Nature is so generous. The harvest season reminds us that we are all being called to share our unique gifts with each other and the world. To be generous.

At first sight, the practice of generosity may seem simple. But to truly reach the heart of what is generosity, we need to look at the motivations behind the act of giving. When we give spontaneously, not out of fear, and freely without any expectation of receiving anything or a favor in return, then we are in presence of true generosity. True generosity is more than giving our excess and comes from a deeper place than feeling good about ourselves, the place where we think it is the right thing to do. Generosity is more than a simple act of kindness, more than an empathetic gesture from the heart. Generosity arises from the practice of deep letting go.